About Mark


Mark's Photography History

Mark started with his first Yashica FX 2 camera in 1975.  Since then he has progressed through various genre's and equipment and is always learning new  techniques and styles. Mark has been published numerous times in many different magazines, journals and websites, including some international exposure.

Previously a high school music teacher, he continues the desire to help people using his and their artistic/creative side.

He has 2 children and 4 grandchildren. 


Fun and Professional Environment

Hundreds of people if not more, will tell you Mark is very professional and easy to work with.  He tells new models/clients "we have to get it done and at the same time have fun!"  Mark now gets most of his work from referrals.



Mark shoots on locations and has portable lighting if needed.  A fully equipped studio is also available.  Mark's years in the industry has enabled him to meet many outstanding industry professionals so Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, and Stylists are available to make your photography experience even better!

Studio work

Mark had a fully equipped studio for 14 years in the South Loop of Chicago.  He closed his studio as he was accepting more location work than studio work.  Although a studio is needed for certain shoots, he has these spaces available. This 90 second video shows some of the spaces from prior shoots and are available.

Contact Mark for more information and availability